We want to make sure we provide all the information. Everything we have spent, everything we will spend - showing you exactly where we are spending your investment. This is a company built upon the investment of the workers of America, the tradespeople and the people who see an opportunity for change, and profit. Because we are choosing to raise money in this manner, we owe you all full disclosure, full transparency.

We have been very successful in our previous two crowd funding campaigns - raising over $2,400,000. Its how we have invested this that makes the difference. We are not like the others, we do not need massive amounts of capital, because we spend wisely, with purpose.

With a 74% stake in the company, the Atlis team still holds the majority of the company. This is important as we are not controlled by self-serving organisations. The founders' voting rights are particularly important when it comes to upholding and implementing the company's goals and values. Even after this phase of funding is achieved, the team will still own a majority, at around 63%.

The second largest percentage of shares are owned by our thousands of supporters and customers, people who believe in our message and brand. All of this ensures we stay true to our mission and prioritize our customers first.

 74% Atlis Employees and Founder

 23% CrowdFunding Investors

 3% Seed Investors + Other

We are made up of investors large and small all over the United States. We are made in America and we are supported by Americans, from all backgrounds, with one shared goal.

Map is a visual representation of investors locations across USA


Clearly the largest percentage of spending goes towards the production of the prototypes themselves. Included in this is the tooling costs and necessary equipment for the preparation of manufacturing and continuation of prototyping.

The second largest percentage of spend is related to hiring the team we need to get to production. We will continue to grow our team of industry experts and radical thinkers to bring Atlis’s disruptive products to market on time and in budget.

54% Equipment & Machinery

33.5% Research & Development

7% SG&A

4.5% Facilities

1% Other OpEx