Frequently Asked Questions

Are there liquidity options for investors currently?

Currently, we do not have liquidity options as we are still in production mode gearing up to go to market. We will be sure to update this once our products are in the hands of our fleet customers and consumers.

Are you planning an IPO?

Yes, but as of right now we are focused on getting our product to market. IPO is a goal. We just can’t put a date on it.

Where are you at in production currently?

Currently we have a working XP platform prototype and we will have our truck prototype finished in 2021. But our platform is set and ready to go to production.

What partnerships have you built so far and are there any pre-orders on your products?

We currently have written agreements from numerous big up-fitter companies as well as industrial companies wanting our technology to power their vehicles, whether that is mobility or industrial machinery.

With all the things going on with EV’s, how will you compete with all the other companies coming into the marketplace?

We are not focused on what every other company is doing. Sure, they matter to some extent, but we are laser focused on our products and the capabilities we are bringing to the market. We are not looking at the competition and saying we are going to do it better. We are looking at the competition and saying we are going to do it different.

Why are you raising $25 Million?

This next round of funds will get us from concept and design (where we are today) to a fully tested and validated production-ready prototype with manufacturing line equipment ready and production started. Our goal is to raise $25 Million, which will be enough to hire the team of people we need to build production-ready prototypes of the XP Platform, XT Pickup Truck, and advanced 1.5MW charging station. It will also get us all the materials, equipment, and machinery we need to get us to production. 

What are the risk factors associated with investing in Atlis Motor Vehicles?

Our business and our ability to execute our business strategy are subject to a number of risks. You should consider the risks described below, together with all of the other information included in the Offering Circular, before making an investment decision.These risks include, among others: - ATLIS is a fledgling company without having developed any products in the past - Uncertainty exists as to whether ATLIS will be able to raise sufficient funds to continue developing the XP platform and XT pickup truck -Future capital raises may dilute current stockholders’ ownership interests -ATLIS will experience losses for the foreseeable future -Development timelines are at risk of delays outside of ATLIS' control -Competition will be stiff -Scaling up manufacturing will be a challenge and fraught with potential pitfalls -Product recall could cripple growth -Product liability could result in costly litigation -We may face regulatory challenges -We may not be able to successfully manage growth -We may not be successful in developing an effective direct sales force -Raising capital may be costly -ATLIS stock is not marketable and initial investors should be aware that the investment is speculative -Lack of diversification could cause you to lose all or some of your investment if initial products fail -Our executive officer and executive staff will retain most of ATLIS’ voting rights

When will ATLIS go public?

ATLIS is currently a private company, and investment in ATLIS is a long-term play with hopes of a high ROI when we do go public. There is not currently any market for trading ATLIS stock, and we aren't able to commit to any timing for an IPO at this time. That being said, when we do go public, you will become able to trade your ATLIS stock.

I'm an investor who participated in previous StartEngine campaigns. Where do I find my shares?

Shares purchased in previous Reg CF campaigns can be found by logging into StartEngine ( and looking under 'My Investments'. Reg A is a new offering that is not facilitated through StartEngine. We've previously done Reg CF campaigns on StartEngine to raise a maximum of $1M. This new Reg A campaign, requires qualification from the SEC and allows us to raise significantly more money. We have chosen to host this directly on our site instead of StartEngine so that we can get rid of the extra fees StartEngine charges investors. the shares offered in this offering are the same as those offered previously in Reg CF: class A common stock of ATLIS Motor vehicles.