​Atlis is building products for the people who get work done.

We have a lot to prove and much more to show. But, we have come so far so quickly already. With so many achievements and industry leading leaps forward. The future is now and we have only just begun.


We secure investment from our base of fans, people who align themselves with our take on the world, share our philosophies and want a better future.  

I N  R E S E R V A T I O N S

With $2M raised from previous crowdfunding campaigns, we have made significant progress. Now we’re opening our Reg A campaign to raise $25M, which enables us to take the next big steps: building our production-ready prototypes of the XP Platform, battery pack, and fast-charging infrastructure. So, why $25M and how are we going to spend it?

54% Equipment & Machinery

33.5% Research & Development

7% SG&A

4.5% Facilities

1% Other OpEx

Our current priority is to raise funding to complete our development and testing and take us into the early small-scale manufacturing phase. This includes expanding our facilities, growing our team, deploying charging stations, and more. We have finalized many technical requirements for the vehicle, and will continue to refine these requirements as we develop the full-scale working prototype of the XT pickup truck. This effort will involve many short-term and long-term partnerships with organizations that can assist Atlis Motor Vehicles in bringing our XT pickup truck to prototype and then production. We are hoping to begin a pre-order campaign as we get closer to the start of manufacturing.




Atlis Motor Vehciles was officially incorporated.

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We know that securing financial support is a challenge for any new brand, especially an automotive company. But we have already achieved so much, in a relatively short time frame, with a ludicrously small budget. We are able to thrive where others would die.